Instrumentalists, We Need You

We need musicians (piano, organists, brass, woods, or string instruments) who can accompany a choir or cantor(s).

If you have any questions or would like to sing or play an instrument in our groups, please email us at or call (530) 673-1573.


Join our Choir

The St. Isidore Choir rehearses every Wednesday from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in Church. New members just need to join us at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays.

This is a beautiful way to honor our Lord and serve our parish community. You don't need to read music to join, just have a love for singing and praising our God!

St. Isidore Choir
March, 2016 - the St. Isidore Choir 
Sue Wilson, Susie Plasman (Director), Mary Gomes, Hannah Thoo, Kelly Cunningham (Pianist), Gil Chavez, Alice Snook, Angie Thoo, Elaine Bastian


The St. Isidore Choir is open to parishioners of all ages.  The choir alternates between all of the weekend Masses, except the Spanish Masses.

Our St. Isidore Parish is blessed to have several adult choirs and singers. Besides the English Choir pictured above we have two Spanish Choirs  and other rotating groups. These are pictured below.

The Cremer Family: Art, Lori & Kerri Lynne


Saturday Vigil Choir
7 p.m. Sunday Mass
Luis, Gloria, Juan & Maria


5 p.m. Sunday Choir
Back Row: TJ Wy, Elijah Wy, Tom Medcalf
Front Row: David Bradley, Kelsey Bradley, Anna Wy, Joy Borromeo, Alison Jarvis & Ken Wood


8 a.m. Sunday Choir
8 a.m. Mass (alternating)
Greg Payne and Ron Battless


8 a.m. Mass (3rd Sunday)
8 a.m. Mass (3rd Sunday)
April, 2014
From left to right:  Dave Summy, Bridget Lee, Tracy Leighton, Leslie Lee, Dianne Daugherty, Kathy Sexton, John Mallen, Marilyn Likes, David Brubaker, Ken Berri


Special Services and Masses
Tami Henry