Natural Family Planning (NFP)

Did you know that Natural Family Planning...

  • is not the old rhythm method?
  • embraces the Church's teaching on sexuality and responsible parenthood while all other methods go against this teaching?
  • is equal to, if not better than, all other methods in avoiding pregnancy?
  • can be an aid in achieving pregnancy (both the Creighton model and NaProTechnology)?
  • can be used by any couple in all stages of reproductive life?
  • is associated with a very low divorce rate (<2%)?
  • has no side effects, is very low cost, and aids a woman in understanding her health?


Dr. Gretchen Marsh is our local instructor and coordinator.

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What is Natural Family Planning?

Women make and record observations of cervical mucus, temperature, and cervical conformation. In the Creighton model, women make only external observations using toilet tissue when they normally use the bathroom. Because external observations have been studied and correlated with hormone analysis and ultrasound in past studies, women can rapidly develop confidence that the observations she is making are reflective of her fertility cycles.

By knowing and understanding the cycles of fertility, the couple can make decision together on how to use those days. The couple can mutually decide if they want to avoid or to achieve pregnancy on any given day. This gives both the man and the woman input and responsibility for their combined fertility.

Fertility patterns can change during life such as during breastfeeding, stress, and menopause. Women are also taught how to analyze their patterns during these changes thereby making NFP a credible family planning system throughout a woman's reproductive life.

NFP is not the rhythm method, "Roman Roulette," or "Catholic contraception." The rhythm method was based on the calendar and was the first attempt by scientists to understand the human female fertility cycle. Ogino of Japan and Knaus of Austria separately discovered in 1930 that ovulation is related to the following menstrual flow, not the previous flow. Unfortunately, much of the old statistics of the rhythm method are thrown in with NFP data by people who do not understand that there is a difference.

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