Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults & Adapted for Children and Teens

All Are Welcome

What if....

  • 'I am unbaptized but want to grow spiritually in my life.'
  • 'I have a different faith background but want to learn what Catholics believe and why.'
  • 'I am a baptized Catholic but never made my First Holy Communion and/or Confirmation.'   

.....we would love to assist you in your faith journey through an exciting and deeply enriching process in the Catholic Church called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.).

RCIA is for those who are seeking a better relationship with God, who are looking for more information about Catholic Christianity, or who are seeking to grow in their spiritual or Sacramental life.  The RCIA process welcomes the unbaptized person into the family of Jesus Christ.  Sessions are informal and comfortable opportunities to explore the Catholic faith with presentations, discussions, and fellowship.  Explore the faith without obligation.  We meet Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm behind the Church.   

Contact the parish office to speak with the RCIA Coordinator 530.673.1573

The Steps to RCIA for Adults

Registration for Adults

Sponsor Guidelines and Application

The Steps to RCIA for Children

Children entering into the RCIA process enter into Faith Formation/Religious Education with their peers.  Parents must first attend the Mandatory Parent Meeting in May/June of each year and then make an appointment to register.  Here is this year's Faith Formation Calendar.

The process for children who are unbaptized wanting to enter into the Catholic Church is the same as adults.  For children this is a process of at least 2-years with formation in stages- Inquiry, Pre-Catechumenate, Catechumenate, Enlightenment and Mystagogy stages.  The child then receives the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist at the Easter Vigil Mass with the adults.

For children who are baptized of another faith, the sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Confirmation are received at the approriate age with their peers.  They will also be presented with the Creed and make a Profession of Faith at the Mass that they will receive their sacrament at.


RCIA Adapted for Children and Teens

RCIA Adapted for Children and Teens is part of our parish Faith Formation program.  The Mandatory Parent Meeting has passed and families that attended have already registered.  But don't despair because this is an opportunity to work on faith formation in your home, we must not forget that we are called to this holy opportunity as parents.  Parents are the primary educators of the faith first!  Here are a couple of resources to bring into your home that will give your child the foundation they need before they enter into Faith Formation                                     1)  https://www.mycatholicfaithdelivered.com/ This website has grade by grade in an online format.  It also has Theology of the Body for Junior High and High School and a Scripture series and more for teens.

2) https://formed.org/ passcode MGYTQD  This is a FREE parish sponsored website with movies, e-books, current topics addressed and programs on the Sacraments and living the faith.  Our faith is lifelong, living as a Catholic is a Way of Life!

Please listen for announcements at Mass, watch the TV monitors in the church, read the bulletin and check the parish website for Parent Meetings and Registration opportunities every year.  

RCIA for Adults

RCIA is a year-round program and anyone can join at any time.  It is also open to parishioners.  We meet every Wednesday in the Assisi Room which is in the gym behind the church.  Please join us for hospitality at 6:30pm.

Adult Confirmation 

Adults in need of Confirmation only must call to register for Confirmation classes.  This series is for Catholic adults who have already received the Sacrament of the Eucharist, attend Mass weekly, go to Confession often and are single or married, but must be married in the Catholic Church.  Watch the bulletin and website for when the Spring and Fall series will start.  You must be registered to attend and attendance at all the sessions is required.   

Adults in need of First Communion and Confirmation

Adults in need of First Communion and Confirmation will have a longer formation period of at least 6 months.  Many adults find that they need a longer formation period.  These adults attend our Wednesday evening RCIA series.  You must meet and register with the RCIA Coordinator to have a formation plan for the sacraments. 

Check the bulletin and our parish website for faith formation opportunities throughout the year.