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In Matthew’s gospel, we hear Jesus’ compassionate response to the suffering and pain he observes:

"At the sight of the crowds, his heart was moved with pity for them because they were troubled and abandoned, like sheep without a shepherd.  Then he said to his disciples, 'The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest'."  (Mat 9:37-38)

Members of the vocation committee are devoted to fulfilling Jesus’ request to pray to the Father, with the goal of promoting vocations to the priesthood and the religious life throughout our dioceses.

(The Parish Vocations Cross that Fr. Martin brought back from the Holy Land is pictured on the left)

The Diocese of Sacramento's Office of Vocations has identified three basis tasks for Parish Vocation Ministry Committees:

  1. Creating parish awareness-we will use every opportunity to keep the need for vocations before the eyes of the people in the parish through the use of posters, bulletin notices and other special events/celebrations.
  2. Campaign of prayer-we will encourage private and public prayer for vocations in the following ways:
    • Personal Prayer-vocation prayer cards (English & Spanish) are available in the rectory, vestibule of church and in the pews for parishioners to use in their private and public prayers.  There are also special prayer cards (English & Spanish) for individuals struggling to discern a priestly or religious vocation.
    • Fasting-parishioners can fast as a form of prayer and penance.
    • Prayers of the Faithful-petition for vocations will be read at daily and weekend masses.
    • Rosary before Mass-vocation prayer will be said at the end of the rosary during daily and weekend masses.
    • Vocation Prayer during the mass-a special prayer will be said after the Eucharist during daily and weekend masses.
    • Prayers of the Sick and Elderly-a special prayer card (English & Spanish) is available to the sick, elderly, and shut-ins of our parish community for their private prayer.
    • Vocation Cross Program-a vocation cross (brought back from the Holy Land by Father Martin during his pilgrimage in October 2008), is available to a family/parishioner for private prayer in their home during the up coming week.
    • Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament-vocation prayers (English & Spanish) are available during First Friday Adoration.
  3. Inviting Individuals Personally-we are presently collecting names of individuals (children, adolescents or adults) who are considering a vocation or who appear to possess the personality characteristics and character traits of a potential candidate to a religious vocation.  Activities for further exploration will be promoted.  We also have vocation cards for individuals struggling to discern “their calling.”  If you have a person you would like us to pray for, please call Jennifer Martinez and we will include the individual on our prayer list.

Contact Information:
Chair-  Jennifer Martinez, through parish office at 673-1573 or you can E-Mail her here. Vocations Ministry

We are presently recruiting members to join the committee. If you would like to join us please the Contact persons are available in the following languages through the parish office:

  • English-Jennifer Martinez
  • Spanish- Grace DeLise
  • Filipino-Bibianna Manalansan

Addtional Resource Information:
Diocese of Sacramento Office of Vocations web link

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Vocation Cross Prayer Program

On behalf of Father Francisco, Father Martin and the Vocation Ministry Committee, we invite you to participate in our Holy Land Vocation Cross Prayer Program.  Each week a parish family will receive the cross (after the final blessing of the mass they are attending) to take home for their private, family prayer and devotion during the week.  There are three requirements for participating in the program:

  • You must have a sincere desire to pray for vocations.
  • You must be a member of St. Isidore Parish.
  • You must be willing to bring the cross back to the church, ten minutes before the 5:00 pm mass on Saturday for the next family to receive the cross that weekend..

Please call Patty at 673-1573 or stop by the rectory during the week to sign-up. Requests to sign-up for the Vocation Cross can also be directed to Jennifer Martinez, Grace DeLise, or Bibianna Manalansan.

Prayer of Affirmation and Strengthening in Holiness for Priests

Divine Grace, which always heals that which is infirm and supplies that which is lacking has called our beloved brothers to sacred ministry.  Let us pray that they be confirmed and strengthened with the grace of the Holy Spirit.  Fill them with grace and counsel, that they may love you with all their hearts, all their minds, and all their strength.  Grant them irreproachable conduct, steadfast faith, and good works so that they may help and guide your people with unselfish motivation.  Grant them wisdom, let their minds be sober and watchful, so that they may be filled with works of healing and words of instruction.  May they teach your people in meekness and serve you in holiness with an undivided mind and willing soul.  May they be the light of your only Son that the word of your gospel may be spread and your name may be glorified in every creature.  May they serve at your holy altar with pure hearts and good consciences.  Grant that they may prosper in all your commandants and the keeping of your laws, so that they may be able to minister joyfully on the day of your coming.

Additional Vocations Prayers that you may wish to download and print:

Vocational Cross Prayers - Diocese of Sacramento: 5 Day Prayer Commitment
Vocation Prayer -Oración por las Vocaciones
Prayer of  the Sick for Vocations - Oración de los Enfermos por las Vocaciones
A Senior Citizens Prayer for Church Vocations - Oración de los Ancianos por las Vocaciones

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