Passing on the Faith - Preparing for the Synod...

"A diocesan synod is a solemn assembly of laity, clergy, and religious called together by the Diocesan Bishop under the light of the Holy Spirit to meet in prayer, dialogue, discernment and deliberation. It will address the broad topics of concern to Catholics in the Diocese of Sacramento, as suggested by lay members of parish pastoral councils, by clergy and religious, and proposed, finally, by the Diocesan Bishop. The goal of the synod is to discern, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the path that the Lord is unfolding before us as we continue our pilgrimage and together strive to meet the challenges of a church always in need of renewal."

William K. Weigand, Bishop
Diocese of Sacramento
September 20, 2003
"Feed My Lambs"

  Synod History
1886 Formation of the Diocese of Sacramento
1887 Synod I - 41 Priests and 25,000 Catholics (ratio 1 to 610)
1929 Synod II - 87 Priests and 50,000 Catholics (ratio 1 to 575)
2004 Synod III - 179 Priests for 510,000 Catholics (ratio 1 to 2,850)
St. Isidore Parish and Parish Hall have been designated by the Diocesan Synod 2004 Coordinating Commission as the site for the conducting of formal Synod events. Noted below are initial dates designated for on-site Synod related meetings.
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and Our Synod 2004's Developing History

Diocesan Synod 2004 Website
at St. Isidore Parish
Completion of process to identify Topics and Delegates.
February 21-22
Parish commissioning of Delegates.
Orientation sessions for Delegates.
Planning for Parish Speak-Up Sessions.
April 14
Facilitator Training for conducting of meetings to gather St. Isidore Parishioners' input for Synod 2004.
April 17
Diocesan-wide Synod Youth Convention (includes youth from all 98 parishes in the diocese, approximately 1200 young people).
April 18
Parishioner input for Diocese's Synod 2004 immediately after all Sunday Masses.
April 19
Parishioner input for Diocese's Synod 2004 immediately after Monday morning Mass.
April 20
Parishioner input for Diocese's Synod 2004 at 6:30 p.m.
April 23-24
Pre-Synod gathering of Diocesan Synod Delegates.
Written reports resulting from parish speak-up sessions forwarded to Synod Preparatory Commission.
Initial drafting of Synod Documents.
Synod documents sent to all Delegates.
Immediate preparation for the Synod.
Convening of three-day Diocesan Synod (to include over 400 delegates from parishes, diocesan committee representatives, clergy, from throughout the Sacramento Diocese).
January 9
Re-convening of delegates for final approval of the Synod Initiatives before submission to Rome.

The Diocesan Synod logo brings together several images to represent the vastness and diversity of the Diocese. The natural wonders of the Diocese are encircled, symbolizing the mingling of the land and converging rivers in the twenty counties from the Oregon border, down through the Sierra Nevada and the Sacramento Valley, to Vallejo. Snowcapped mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes and fields are landscapes as diverse and far-reaching as the Catholics who will come together at the synod, each responding to the call of the Holy Spirit. The circle also represents the Eucharist resting on the chalice and symbolizes its centrality in the lives of the Catholic faithful.

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