The Attitude of Gratitude

Each one of you has received a special grace, go like good stewards responsible for all those different graces of God, put yourselves at the service of others.
1 Peter 4:10

Stewardship is the response of each individual's call to discipleship, a lifelong way of life, whereby one responds to the mission and ministry of the local and universal Church, sharing the Gospel of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It's about turning gratitude, love, conversion, ownership into action through time, talent and treasure - in conjunction with Prayer because we are so grateful to God for all that God has blessed us.

The following acts of study and contemplation, one for each week, provide an opportunity to understand what Stewardship is and how, as an individual to learn to share these resources.
Week 1
As Christians, we believe that all we have is a gift from God. Stewardship is an attitude of gratitude for these. This is expressed in prayer, worship, giving and action by eagerly sharing these gifts out of love of God and one another.
Thought for this week: Name "7 Wonders" in you life where you have been blessed.
Scriptural Reading: Ephesians 5:19-21

Week 2
Our mission is living out Christ's instructions to "love one another as I have loved you." Stewardship is the process of inviting all people to see their gifts and to bring all they are into the life and mission of the Church.
Thought for this week: How are you expressing God's love to the world outside your family?
Scriptural Reading: John 15:16-17

Week 3
Stewardship is about restoring all things to Christ. It's about willingly giving of ourselves and what we have because we believe that the rewards of stewardship are eternal and we are a part of that eternal life.
Thought for this week: How do you manifest you love for God in your family, your parish, your community, the world?
Scriptural Reading: Matthew 25:14-30

Week 4
Stewardship is about understanding that it is not "they" who need help in ministries, work, or funds, but "we" who are working together in community. It is understanding that the needs of the whole community are OUR needs and that we are ALL responsible. What we do or give are not donations or volunteerism - it is taking ownership for being part of the community.
Thought for this week: Think about how you relate to the Church. Do you refer to the Church as "they" or "our?"
Scriptural Reading: 1 Corinthians 12:26

Week 5
It's About YOU
Stewardship is most importantly about knowing in your heart that you are a part of the Body of Christ. You are not just a member of a club. Your are an actual part of the Body. You are integral, unique, and indispensable in being Christ to the world. Understanding stewardship is understanding that you cannot be a spectator, but an active, integral part of the life of the Church.
Thought for this week: How do you turn the spirituality of stewardship into the tangible work of the Church which is Time, Talent, and Treasure and in all this, Prayer?
Scriptural Reading: 1 Corinthians 3:5-9

Week 6
Everyone has responsibilities to family and jobs. We also give time to our children's sports and school activities. Stewardship of Time is not so much how much Time you give to God, but rather have you budgeted God into your Time? Have you, instead given God the leftovers?
Thought for this week: When and how are you "Christ to the World?"
Scriptural Reading: 1 Corinthians 15:9-11

Week 7
You may have gone to school to gain your skills, but who gave you the capacity to learn? Has it occurred to you that God gave you gifts, not for your benefit, but for the good of the whole community? Sharing your talents and gifts with grateful hearts is a wonderful outward sign of your gratitude of the many blessings God has given you.
Thought for this week: What are your talents and gifts?
Scriptural Reading: Luke 9:46-48

Week 8
Stewardship of treasure again reflects your gratitude to God. It is not a matter of amount. It is a matter of praying over and planning what you will give. It is not stewardship to throw in the basket what is left in your pocket on Sunday morning. It's about willingly putting God in your budget at the top of the list, regardless of the amount, in direct gratitude for all what God has given you and in response to your call to discipleship.
Thought for this week: Have you talked to God about what you give? If not, why not?
Scriptural Reading: Matthew 25:14, 30 and 5:13-16

Week 9
Above all, and in conjunction with Time, Talent, and Treasure is Prayer. Without Prayer, we cannot fully comprehend our roles as disciples. If you are breathing, you can still be a good steward of God's goodness. If you are old or infirmed, you can still give to the community through Prayer. Always invite God in your everyday decision making.
Thought for this week: When was the last time you invited God in your decisions?
Scriptural Reading: 1 Corinthians 12:4-6; John 15:16-17; Mark 8:5-8

We are stewards of our time, our talent and our treasure, returning these resources to God and our Parish Community in thanksgiving for all that He has given to us.

Stewardship Prayer

O Lord, giver of life and source of our freedom, we know that it is from Your hand that we have received all that we have, and are, and will be. Gracious and loving God, we understand that You call us to be stewards of Your Abundance, the caretakers of all You have entrusted to us. Help us always to use Your gifts wisely and teach us to share them generously. May our faithful Stewardship bear witness to the love of Christ in our lives. We pray with grateful hearts, in Jesus' name. Amen.

Diocese of Sacramento
Office of Stewardship and Development


Oración de Cristianos Corresponsables
O Señor, dador de vida y fuente de nuestra libertad, sabemos que es a través de tu mano que hemos recibido todo lo que tenemos, lo que somos, y lo que seremos. Dios amoroso y lleno de gracia, entendemos que tu nos llamas a ser buenos corresponsables de tu abundancia, para que cuidemos de todo lo que tu nos has encomendado. Ayudanos a usar tus regalos sabiamente y enséñanos a compartirlos generosamente. Que seamos fieles corresponsables y testigos del amor de Cristo en nuestras vidas. Con corazones agradecidos, oramos en el nombre de Jesus. Amen