Our Lady

Ministry to the Sick and Elderly

The Ministry to the Sick and Elderly provides a critical connection for house-bound parish members.

When these members are unable to attend Mass, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion will bring them the Holy Eucharist. Readings from the Mass and an update to current events through the parish bulletin are also shared during these home visits.

If you are interested in aiding in this ministry, please contact Paige Westlake at pwestlake@stisidore-yubacity.org. You may contact her by phone through the parish office at (530) 673-1573.

Here's a message from Paige:

Have you ever been sick, hospitalized or recuperating at home for a short period of time? Were you unable to attend Mass? Have you ever had a loved one unable to attend Mass on a regular basis or at all? What a blessing it would have been to receive a visit by a minister. What an extra-special blessing to receive the Eucharist during that visit. One day we may all find ourselves grateful for just a 20 to 30 minute visit by someone who has more important things to do.

There are parishioners who will never be able to attend Mass again. They may be cut off from being at the church, but not from God. This ministry brings Jesus to these parishioners and spend a mere 30 minutes with them.

If this sounds like a ministry that you could get involved in and be a blessing to another person, please contact Paige Westlake. You won't be sorry. The need is great, but the servers are few. Don't be afraid if you don't know how to serve. It's very simple and you will be helped. There is a booklet to follow and training if you feel the need.

Don't be afraid to say yes. A life will be touched and you will feel such a blessing in return. We need you. I urge you to call.

In service to Jesus Christ,

Paige Westlake