Prayer Chain and Groups

All Ministries at St. Isidore Catholic Church have prayer and scripture as a core activity in the completion of their goals. Listed on this page are those groups which focus primarily on aiding others and their members through prayer.


Legion of Mary
meets every Monday, 9:15 a.m.
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Prayer Chain
Our parish's Prayer Chain has many volunteers who pray for those with serious illness, those in critical situations, as well as for those who may be in need. Call the Parish Office 673-1573 to initiate the prayer chain for those in these needs. The coordinator, Jan Casey, will start the chain for that person. You can also check your copy of the Weekly Bulletin, under Services and Prayer Directory to initiate this ministry's efforts on behalf of the person in need.
Hospital Ministry
if you know of someone hospitalized at one of our local hospitals who would like a visit call the
Parish Office 673-1573.
Eucharistic Ministry to Sick and Homebound
for those who wish to receive communion but are confined to home or care facilities.

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More info available on all these ministries on their web pages here on our parish's web site!