St. Isidore's 1972 Pictorial Directory



For more history on St. Isidore's Parish, Yuba City click on your choice of pages from the below underlined links. These pages are from the 1972 Parish Pictorial Directory.

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St. Isidore's Parish History

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Family Pages:
Family Page 1: (Barth, Bozzo, Silva, Swartz, Morang, Kline, Wise, Silva, Gianella, Heryford, Rechtfertig, Roberts, Pier, Garcia, Zanotto, Low, Hayes, Kingston, Bastress, Drakulic, Jimenez, Wessels, Genesoto, Mullins, Masera, Larson, Deatsch, Atwood, Amarel, Diaz Family Page 2: (Patane, Valencia, Kuhn, McKibben, Weston, Gonzales, Burns, Pena, Farncis, Carley, Diaz, Spalding, Meza, Fernandez, Murphy, Clustka, Naglee, Weiss, Evans, Reeves, Vega, Fierro, Trejo, Heckman, Stephens, Corbett, Trejo, Smith, Kowalewski, Haeuser)
Family Page 3: (Alexander, Sinner, Stephens, Murphy, Francis, Hogan, McCarthy/Rolufs, Chelebeck, Silcott, Sisters of Notre Dame, Warnes, Martinez, Cervantes, VonTersch, Ramirez, Monnot, Rojo, Mata, Soto, Sandoval, Cooper, Francis, McJunkin, Hahus, Cecil, Garcia, Avila, Jiminez, Lenius, Sheehy) Family Page 4: (Price, Gonzalez, Arana, Moorehead, Gioia, Fernandez, Ramey, Miller, Avila, Hansen, Gardenas, Nash, Evans, Sullivan, Lucas, Vantress, Beauvais, Garcia, Garcia, Clark, Hill, Gonzales, Meagher, Soto, Pena, Whitten, Corona, Mendoza, Marchal, Keyawa)
Family Page 5: (Hall, Sanchez,Gumm, Castro, Diaz, Moreno, Tapia, McGillivary, Nugent, Olvera, Chissie, Sarrico, Coyle, Rodriquez, Parks) Family Page 6: (McCarron, Radosevich, Sidhu, Eckardt, Vasquez, Sanchez, Sanchez, Anderson, Loomis, Cortinas, Fullenwider, Gunther, Sadlowski, Wagner, Rodriquez)
Family Page 7: (Perry, Perez, Valdez, Sanchez, Jaconetti, West, Gulbronson, Amato, Chesini, Smith,Walden/Jones, Cole, Santacroce, Day, Haynes) Family Page 8: (Sustrick,Morlely, Krause, Corona, Heinzler, Guzman, Guizar, Benjamin, Beutler, Costello, Gildersleeve, Taylor, Brockamp, Mendoza, Souza)
Family Page 9: (Collier, Torres, Ramirez, Rodriquez, Seul, Escalante, Ruiz, Kearns, Redmond, Ithurburn,Fournier, Hutchison, Castillo, Colley, Hay) Family Page 10: (Nisperos, Luna, Renzullo, Sandoval, Peters, Enriquez/Zanotto, Mathews, Anthony, Vanevenhoven, Murphy, Martin, Jiminez, Lomeli, Mireles, Tomei)

Family Page 11: (Dockrey, Stassi, Steel, Diaz, Buttacavoli, Coats, Fulderson, Garcia, Melani, Betschart, Wilson, Limper, Covey, Santana, Wood)


Family Page 12: (Keeley, Perez, DelCampo)

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