St. Isidore Catholic Church
Yuba City
Parish Jubilee

On May 10, 2003 our 50th Anniversary Mass was held. Bishop William Weigand was our special guest and Celebrant. Subsequent to the Mass he dedicated and blessed our new Parish Hall.

Below are photographs which recorded this historical event.

Parish Hall at night

Remember our Past, Celebrate our Present, and Plan our Future

On November 15, 1952 St. Isidore Parish was established and Fr. Bernard McElwee (who was the assistant pastor at St. Joseph in Marysville) was appointed as our first Pastor. East and across the Feather River the army base at Camp Beale was being converted to Beale Air Force Base. During W.W.II prisoners of war were held there. Their Italian prisoners' chapel was acquired and transferred to a site on Cooper Avenue in Yuba City to be the first St. Isidore's Church. At that time it was located where the present day Cooper Ave. Baptist Church is. On March 9, the "Gray" property located on and around Clark Avenue was purchased and St. Isidore's Church (the former Italian prisoners' chapel) was moved to our present grounds. We as a parish are now 50 years old! 2003 is our Jubilee Year.

Original St. Isidore church circa 1957

Front of St. Isidore church (present day), which was constructed in 1960.

Our new Parish Hall which was dedicated by Bishop Weigand on Saturday, May 10, 2003.
Jubilee Prayer
Good and gracious God, You are the Lord of all history and divine keeper of memories. We give you thanks and praise for all the blessings you have given us on this celebration of our Jubilee Year.
As we rejoice in the saving act that Your Son has made for us, keep us steadfast in our faith. Envelop us with your spirit of love and faithfulness.
We recommit ourselves in this year of Jubilee to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, to strive for personal holiness, to live and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to protect the unity that God has created 2000 years ago by dwelling among us.
We pray this through Christ our Lord,
Oración de Jubileo
Dios de bondad y misericordia Tu que eres el Señor de la historia. Te damos gracias portadas las bendiciones que Tu nos has dado que celebramos este ano de Jubileo.
Al regocijarnos en El acto salvifico de tu Hijo, ayudanos a permanecer firmes en la fe. Alienta en nosotros Tu espíritu de amor y fe.
En este ano de jubileo no comprometemos: a ser discípulos fieles a Cristo Jesus, A esforzarnos por un santidad personal, a vivar y proclamar El Evangelio de Cristo, a promover la paz y la justicia en nuestra comunidad y a proteger la unidad que Dios a creado desde hace 2000 anos cuando vino a vivir en medio de nosotros. Te lo pedimos por Cristo nuestro Señor,
The following two pictures were taken on April 27, 2003 at St. Joseph Church in Marysville, our "mother" church which helped to establish St. Isidore's Parish and Church. Fr. Soane, Pastor of St. Joseph Parish, presents proclamations to our parish.

Fr. Soane Kaniseli presents copy of proclamation recognizing the establishment of St. Isidore Parish in Yuba City, to Peggy Steel, whose family's farm warehouses provided the first facilities for church services.

Fr. Manuel Soria, Pastor St. Isidore Parish, holds Papal Proclamation honoring the Jubilee of the parish presented by Fr. Soane.
The following pictures were taken on May 10, 2003 at the St. Isidore Jubilee Mass and Parish Hall dedication.

Knights of Columbus Honor Guard.

Beginning the Procession.

Fr. Soria and Bishop Weigand.

Charlene Stassi and Paul Steel with copy of Proclamation establishing St. Isidore Parish.

Jane and Isidro Madrid from Las Cruces, New Mexico, with copy of Papal Proclamation recognizing our Jubilee.

Mass begins.

Fr. Soria presenting the Papal Proclamation to the full congregation with a little help from his family members (sister Raquesl Vega Soria and newphew Jose Manuel Vega Soria) and friends from Las Cruces (Jane and Isidro Madrid).

Fr. Soria presenting the copy of the St. Isidore Parish Proclamation.

The Dismissal from Mass.

The Recessional from Mass and proceeding on the the new Parish Hall for the Blessing and Dedication.

Recessional led by Deacon Ruben

Bishop William Weigand

On to the Parish Hall Dedication

Bishop Weigand blesses the Parish Hall.

Blessing of the interior.

Tapestry of St. Isidore and his wife, St. Maria in the foyer of the Parish Hall.

Fr. Soria cuts the ribbon with a little guidance from Bishop Weigand.

Our new gym and stage area!

50th Anniversary Booklet
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