St. Isidore's Historic Photograph Album

These three pictures of the chapel at Camp Beale are of the exterior with servicemen in attendance, an interior view, and a Mass being conducted. This was before the chapel was moved to Yuba City to become the first St. Isidore Catholic Church (first at Cooper Ave. then to its present location on Clark Ave.)
The photo on the right is a picture of fellow parishioner John Berg standing before a chapel at Camp Beale during his separation from service. The picture is dated April 2, 1946. The chapel was brown clapboard. In the pictures below of the moving of the chapel it is stuccoed and painted white, which may have occurred while on Cooper St. in Yuba City (we are not sure). All of the features of the this chapel and the above pictures reflect the tall steeple which was probably shortened as noted in the pictures below.
A special thank you to John Berg for the picture on the right.
These pictures are of the Chapel move. However, we are not sure if these were the move from Camp Beale to Yuba City or the second move from Cooper Ave. to Clark Ave. within Y.C.
Parishioner Kathy Goodnight adds (4/16/2010): I remember the day they moved the old church from Cooper Avenue to its current site - although I never recall going to Mass on Cooper - we always went to St. Joseph's (Marysville) then. The day was very hot and the huge project left tire marks melted in the pavement at Cooper & Frederick for years. Yuba City H.S. was then a brick building set way back from B St. and we watched the building make that turn.  
The picture on the left is of the church and school in 1955 when the flood inundated the area. The picture on the right is of the church circa 1957 situated at its present location behind the school and now serving as the parish hall.
In 2010 parishioner Kathy Goodnight noted about the pictures above: Tonight I was looking through the Historical Photo page which brought back many childhood memories. I do recognize the 3 children in front of the old church building - left to right are John Patrick Karstens, Katy Carlin, & yours truly, Kathleen Mary Karstens. I think Katy's name was Kathleen also & her dad was a real estate agent, John Carlin. The uniforms were brown with little gold emblems - nylon shirts which baked us in the summer months. However, the Sisters of Notre Dame had it much worse in their black, wool habits. The picture was taken to promote an event (maybe the re-opening of Holy Angels after the flood??) but I can't recall right now. I was in 2nd grade when we flooded in Dec '55 & while some to public schools, many of us went across the river Notre Dame in Marysville - upstairs in what had once been the convent or dormitory. My brother "Pat" passed away in 2006. He would have been 6 or so in 1956 and I was 19 months older. Katy was one of the "old kids", probably all of a 6th grader!

This picture was taken in January 1954.

Re: Picture on the left: Former parishioner Jim Morrissey reports that the person on the far right looking to his right may be Mr. Sweeney and the balding man in the center he believes to be Ed Nunes.
Parishioner Kathy Goodnight adds that Ed Nunes was a friend & neighbor of my parents on Frederick St. His name is pronounced "noons." His family was, wife Florence, son Ed Jr., daughters Diana, Maria & one more little one. I think Ed & Florence were from the Azores. Ed died very young of a sudden heart attack. I remember very clearly the day he died - Maria was in my class and we visited while outside her house sitting in the back seat of our car. I believe Maria became a nun.
A note on the back of the picture on the left dated Sept. 17, 1958 says "Father Church baptizing Joanne Marie (51/2 weeks) with Leona DeMarco as Godmother." The undated picture on the right is of the Men's Choir.

"The balding man is again Mr. Nunes and the gentleman man standing behind the Mr. Sweeney. He had a daughter, Lynn Sweeney, who was in my elementary school class." Submitted by: Jim Morrissey, 9/27/02.
"I think one of the men in the choir is "Tex" Tillman Limper-the man in the middle of the 5 men standing in a diagonal line on the far right." Submitted by: Martha Wood, 7/22/03.
These pictures of Fr. McElwee and Fr. Lucas are from a 1957 brochure that kicked off the fundraiser to build a new church and continue to make repairs and expansion for the priests and nuns that served our parish community.
These four pictures are of the construction of the present church in 1960 and its dedication with Bishop Joseph T. McGucken in attendance. The chapel became the current parish hall.
The "altar boy" standing at the right of the photo looking at the bishop is Jim Morrissey. Fr. McElwee (Pastor) and Fr. Jim Church (Asst. Pastor) accompany the Bishop. Walt Loew was the other "main altar boy" during the consecration Mass.  
At the dedication Mass the Sacrament of Confirmation was also received by many of our young parishioners. The reception and photographs by parents followed. Parishioner Peggy Steel even filmed her young son at this event. You can view these clips in either Windows Media or Real Player by clicking on one of the pictures below.

Large file, longer download of 3-5 minutes depending on your speed, good quality.

Small file, shorter download of 10 seconds to 2 minutes depending on your speed, minimal quality.
These two pictures are interior views of St. Isidore's in the early 1960s.
When our construction was completed in 1960 this Tabernacle was donated by Walter and Ellen Berg, in honor and memory of Mary Anastasia Berg (nee Kettenbach), the mother of Walter Berg and his sisters and brothers.

If you can identify any of the unnamed individuals in the above pictures please contact the St. Isidore's Webservant by clicking here. Also, if you have any historic pictures in and around St. Isidore's that you would like to share and have posted on this page, please let us know.

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