Handyman Assistance Network for the Disabled and Elderly
(Brad Bell, Coordinator)


Our H.A.N.D.E. ministry at St. Isidore’s assists the disabled and elderly of our parish with one-time household/yard maintenance and repair jobs that they are unable to complete for themselves.


Labor is FREE, you cover the cost of any materials, if required.  If you need our assistance and/or to schedule an appointment, just call the church office at 673-1573.


St. Isidore, the patron saint of our parish, was employed as a laborer on a farm. Many marvelous happenings accompanied his lifelong work in the fields as he toiled on the behalf of others. It is said, the angels sometimes helped him in his work.


Examples of typical services include:

Change a lightbulb
Repair a leaking faucet/toilet
Fix a lock
Get rid of squeaks
Mend a fence
Build a handicap ramp
Prune shrubbery
Rake leaves
Other small job you can not complete

In 1947, he was proclaimed the patron ofthe National Rural Conference in the United States. He is the patron of famers, was canonized in the year 1622, and his feast day is May 15th.