Fr. Francisco on Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Fr. Francisco, Moises & Alicia, Rafael & Maria, Margarita & Ruben at the Coliseum

On October 29, 2007 our Pastor Fr. Francisco left on a long planned and well deserved pilgrimage to Rome, Athens, Cairo and Holy Land. He was accompanied by St. Isidore Parishioners Margarita and Ruben Fuentes, Rafael and Maria Moreno, and Moises and Alicia Valdez. Along the way Fr. Francisco and Moises took pictures, which they fortunately e-mailed to us, in order to share with our parish community their wonderful and beautiful experiences.

Enjoy the pictures below!!

At the Fountain di Trevi (Fontana de Trevi)

Ruben with new friend in Areopagus, Greece

The Acropolis

At Corinth

The Olympic Stadium in Athens

Our Pilgrimage Photographers

The Parthenon

At the Parthenon

What a GREAT picture of our Pope Benedict XVI

Here we are in Greece by the Island of Poros

The Site of the Annunciation in Israel

At the River Jordan where we renewed our Baptismal Vows

Three of our Couples who renewed their Wedding Vows at Cana

Fr. Francisco Concelebrating Mass at the Mount of the Beatitudes, Israel

The Golden Dome in Jerusalem

Ruben and Moises praying at the Western Wall of the Jewish Temple, the Wailing Wall

In the Upper Room, site of the Last Supper, Jerusalem

Along the Via Dolorosa, the Way of the Cross

Celebrating Mass in the Santo Sepulcro (Holy Sepulcher), where the Church is divided in 3 parts: Catholic, Orthodox and Armenian
In his last e-mail received last Friday night after 9:40 p.m., November 11, Fr. Francisco writes to us:
Good morning here in Cairo, good evening yesterday in California!...It is amazing... the differences in the world. Here are more pictures and news from our pilgrimage....May God bless you all in St. Isidore, and I will see you soon in the middle of this (next) week.
Fr. Francisco

The Nile River across from Fr. Francisco's Ramses Hotel room, Egypt.

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