St. Isidore Parish
Finance Council

Parish Finance Council

 The Diocese of Sacramento requires every parish to establish and maintain a Parish Finance Council.

"...good stewardship of parish resources will optimize the ability of parishes to better serve the many needs of our faith communities. Promoting and maintaining the financial health of the parish will foster an atmosphere of trust and confidence. In our daily priestly ministry, we strive to be living examples of God’s love and teachings. The call to witness to Christ is also made visible in how we obtain, manage, and expend funds in the name of our Catholic community. All who benefit from our competent oversight of parish temporalities need to have confidence in our stewardship."

Wiliam K. Weigand
Bishop of Sacramento
April 12, 2006

The Parish Finance Council functions as a consultative body to the pastor.  It consists of selected professionals to advise the pastor in these areas:

1. Preparation of the annual operating budget
2. Long-term financial planning
3. Annual parish financial report, which is submitted to the Diocesan Bishop
4. Annual and periodic financial reports to the faithful

The Council ensures that an adequate system of internal controls is in place to guide the parish in caring for and managing financial resources and temporal goods.  The Parish Finance Council observes all policies and procedures outlined in the Parish Financial Management Handbook.

St. Isidore's Finance Council consists of representatives of our parish. They are volunteers. The members of our Finance Council responsibility is to our Parish Pastor in support of the temporal and business requirements for administrating a Parish Community. The Council generally meets on a monthly basis and the members are:
Rev. Avram Brown
Rev. Fernando Meza
Parochial Vicar
June McJunkin
Judi Mallen
Lloyd Leighton
Angelica Nuno

John Thoo

Financial reports are available to parishoners upon request