St. Isidore Catholic Church

Frequently Ask Questions

Ash Wednesday - What is the Significance of Ashes on Ash Wednesday? ("Did you Know series")
Albigenses/Albigensian - What is the Albigenses/Albigensian Heresy?
Baptism Vows - What are the Baptismal Vows?
Beatitudes - What are the Beatitudes?
Belief -
What Do Catholics Believe?
Catholic - How Do I Become A Catholic?
Christian Churches - What Christian Churches are in Union with Rome?
Christians - What makes a Christian a Christian? What makes a Christian a Catholic?
Citizenship - What are the Catholic Social Doctrines and Teachings?
Citizanship - What are the Non-Negotiables?
Citizenship - What do the U.S. Bishops State Regarding the Challenge of Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship?
Citizenship - What are the Guidelines for Pastors and Parishes on Advocacy and Political Action? English - Spanish
Citizenship: Capital Punishment - What is the Catholic Church's position on Capital Punishment?
Citizenship: MANH - What is the Church's Medically Assisted Nutrition and Hydration Guidelines?
Communion - What are the Guidelines for the Reception of Communion?
Communion - When is the First Communion for Children?
Confession - What is the Most Important Thing about Confession?("Did you Know series")
Confession - What are some Prayers before and in Preparation for Confession?
Confession - Why and How Does a Catholic Make A Good Confession?
Confirmation - What is the Sacrament of Confirmation?
Disciples, the Twelve, Apostles - What is the difference between Disciples, the Twelve and the Apostles?
Easter - Where did the English word "Easter" come from?
"Father" - Why do Catholics call priests "Father?"
Genuflect - Why do Catholics genuflect in Church?
Holy Spirit - What are the various images of the Holy Spirit?
Holy Water - What is Holy Water
Homosexual Marriage - What is the California Catholic Conference of Bishops' Statement on the State Supreme Court decision on this issue?
Homosexual Marriage - What is the Sacramento Diocesan Bishops' Statement on the issue of homosexual marriages?
Lenten Practices - Why are Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving Especially Important During Lent? (Did You Know Series)
Life - What is the Catholic Position on Life?
Mass - How do I prepare for Mass?

Mass - What is the Order of the Mass?
Mystagogia/Mystagogy - What is Mystagogia?
Nativity Scenes - Why Do Catholics Display Nativity Scenes?
Non-Negotiables - What are the Five Non-Negotiable Teachings of the Catholic Church
Penance - What is the History of the Sacrament of Penance? ("Did you Know series")
Precepts - What are the Precepts of the Catholic Church?
Popes - What are the names of all the Popes from St. Peter to the present?
Religious Statues -
Why Do Catholics Display Statues?
RCIA - What is the RCIA?
Rosary - Why do Catholics Pray the Rosary?
Sign of the Cross - Why Do Catholics Make the Sign of the Cross?
Saints -
Why Do Catholics Pray to the Saints?
Scrutinies - What are the Scrutinies? ("Did you Know series")
Social Justice Teachings - What are the Catholic Social Justice Teachings?
Sponsor(s) - What is a Sponsor?
Stem Cells - What is the Church's position on Stem Cell Research (Embryos versus the loosely defined Adult Cells)?
Stations - Why Do Catholics Say the Stations of the Cross?
Ten Commandments - What are the Ten Commandments
Thanksgiving Prayer - What is the Thanksgiving Prayer?
The Sick - What is the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick About?
Triduum - Why does Lent end at the beginning of the Holy Thursday Mass? ("Did you Know series")

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