Forming Consciences for Faithful Catholic Citizenship


Archbishop Chaput article on
"Unthinkg, Backward Catholics"


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Information within is provided from:
*United States Catholic Conference of Bishops
*Catechism of the Catholic Church
*Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
*Evangelium Vitae: The Gospel of Life (Pope John Paul II)
*Pontifical Council for the Family
*Worthiness to Receive Holy Communion: General Principles (Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger)

Below is a video produced by Catholic Answers (, one of the largest Apostolates on Catholic Apologetics in the United States. With offices located in the Diocese of San Diego, California, it is listed in The Official Catholic Directory of approved and recognized organizations.

Below is another video, "The Test of Fire," which addresses how you as a Catholic will vote.


Your Role as a Catholic Voter: