Church Environment Committee

"Nature both adorns and strips the fields and the garden, the woods and the city park, according to the seasons: adding or taking away color and texture, growth and decay, images of birth, death, and rebirth. So, too, our Church family adorns and strips its house according to the liturgy's calendar."


Liturgical decorations in the worship environment are used to create a mood. Thus the function of this ministry is to use decorations tastefully to foster an environment of hospitality and warmth that leads to participation in the liturgy and an invitation to prayer.

The Church Environment Committee motto is,
"Many hands make light work!"

An offer of your "time or talent" will never be turned down. How about lending a hand in decorating and maintaining our Church Home?

"...this house ought to be in good taste and a worthy place for prayer and sacred ceremonial. In this 'house of God' the truth and the harmony of the signs that make it up should show Christ to be present and active in this place."

Catechism of the Catholic Church: 1181


Here are just a few samples of how our church environment enhances prayerful themes.

The Church Environment Committee was formed in December 1997. The function of this ministry is to contribute to an environment of hospitality that leads to participation in the liturgy and an invitation to prayer. Decorations in our worship space reflect the liturgical seasons throughout the Church calendar year. We do not have meetings on a monthly basis. Our meetings are called when we do the actual decorating and later to remove and store the supplies for future use. Our busiest times are the six months from November through April.

We welcome and appreciate new members to our committee. We wish to widen the base of people who are already willingly participating to make our Church a warm, welcoming environment for all of our parishioners and visitors.

El comite de Ambietacion Parroquial fue formada en Diciembre 1997. La funcion de este ministerio es contribuir a la hospitalidad y ambiente que guia a la participacion en la liturgia y una invitacion a orar. Decoraciones en neustra area de alabanza reflejan las estacions ligturgicas durante el afio. Nosotros no tenemos juntas mensuales. Nuestras juntas son llamadas cuando necesitamos miembros para hacer planes para futuros dias de trabajo, dar informacion, comprar lo necesario para decorar, decoracion, y guardar decoracion para uso future. El tiempo mas ocupado son seis meses de Noviembre a Abril.

Nuevos miembros son bienvenidos a nuestro comite. Queremos agrandar la base de personas que de voluntad quieren participar para ser en nuestro templo un ambiente caluroso para nuestros feligreses y visitantes.

For more information contact Rebecca Rojo (C.E.C. Coordinator) at the Parish Office (673-1573) or e-mail her through the parish office administration by clicking on the computers.