Reverend Manuel B. Soria

Father Soria was born in Ario de Rayon, Michoacan, Mexico, the son of Ignacio Soria and Concepcion Barragan. He has two older sisters and two younger sisters, two older brothers and two younger brothers. Fr. Soria has attended Catholic schools all of his life. When he was growing up he wanted to be an architect. While he was working on his bachelor's degree in architecture, he was inspired by one of his professors to become a priest. It was Father Hernandez who encouraged him to go to the seminary. Fr. Soria earned the Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from the Facultad de Filosofia La Cruz in Queretaro, Mexico. In 1981 Fr. Soria earned his Master of Divinity from Saint Thomas Seminary in Denver, Colorado. In the autumn of 2001 Fr. Soria had the opportunity to attend the North American College in Rome for three months.

Fr. Soria was ordained to the Roman Catholic Priesthood on June 6, 1981 in his hometown. Fr. Soria has been assigned to Saint Peter in Dixon, Saint Joseph in Marysville, Saint Daniel in Wheatland, Saint Boniface in Nicolaus, and Saint Joseph in Lincoln.

Fr. Soria served as the Dean for the South Valley Deanery before its absorbtion into the North Valley Deanery, Chairman for the Diocesan Priests' Council, and he is also a member of the College of Consultors for the Diocese of Sacramento. He recently finished serving on the Diocesan Building Committee and the Diocesan Capital Campaign.

Fr. Soria served for six years as a member of the team for the New Pastor's Program, sponsored by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. In April of 2002, Fr. Soria was one of the two priests from the diocese attending the National Catholic Conference for Priest Councils in Toronto, Canada where he had the opportunity to meet the delegates from Canada, Ireland, England, Mexico, and the United States.

Bishop William Weigand appointed him pastor at Saint Isidore Parish on September 16, 1997. Fr. Soria left our parish on May 31, 2005. While our pastor he presided over the development of several parish ministries and development projects, including the construction of a new Parish Hall and the renovation of the Church. Please visit those pages on this website for the archived history of these events.





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