Past Parish Events

The St. Isidore Parish Community wishes to share with you highlights of some of our parish community's events that have occurred in the past. You are welcome to take the opportunity to visit these memories.

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Year 2015
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2015 Easter Vigil Mass November Parish Ministries Potluck Altar Server Investiture Parish Ministries Christmas Potluck Bishop Soto's Visit KofC Installation of Officers Christmas Young Peoples' Choir New Nativity Display Las Mananitas Pope's Pasta Place Dinner Youth Ministry Collage
2015 Rite of the Elect Easter Vigil Mass
Rite of the Elect
Feb. 26th
Deacon Ordination of Michael Estaris Fr. Martin's Holyland Pilgrimage KofC Pasta Knight K of C Annual BBQ St. Francis of Assisi Food Locker- Operation Santa Claus Guadalupe Parade/Mass St. Isidore Holiday Evening KofC Tootsie Roll Drive Youth Ministry Christmas Caroling
2015 PanDeVida Retreat Covering Day 1, 2 & 3 San Lorenzo Ruiz Feast Day Celebration KofC Annual Crabfeed Rosary Rally 2008 40 Days for Life Youth Choir Parish Christmas Potluck 2nd Grade Bell Ringers Parish Work Day, Nov.; Parish Work Day, Oct. KofC-YLI Bar-B-Q Knights of Columbus Christmas Dinner

Pilgrimage to Fatima and Lourdes

Happy 100th Birthday Maury Tomlinson
Year 2013
KofC Fireworks Blessing of the Divine Mercy & St. Isidore Statues Life Chain Easter Vigil Mass KofC Thanksgiving Dinner Diocesan Synod October 11-13 KofC Tootsie Roll Drive Lay Ministry Faire Youth Ministry Christmas Dinner
YLI's 38th Birthday Celebration Easter Vigil Mass
March 30th
Confirmation May 15 KofC & the Mexican Martyrs Diaconate Continuing Education Easter Vigil Mass - The Movie Life Chain Life Chain, October Life Chain Bug Safari Our Lady of Guadalupe Parade
11th Annual West Coast Walk for Life in SF St Isidore The Farmer Feast Day Easter Vigil Mass,
April 11
KofC Installation of Officers Fr. Francisco's Installation Mass Disciples on the Journey KofC Lumberjack Annual Work Day - September Collaboration of Ministries Outdoor Mass Ordinations Reception, June 2 St. Isidore Holiday Evening
School Carnival/Parish Ministry Fair YLI - KofC BBQ Drive Thru Event Disciples Small Faith Sharing Groups of '09 Knights Annual BBQ Fr. Bong's Farewell Movie RCIA Elect YLI Summer Social Fr. Avram Brown's Ordination Rancho Roundup VBS Shining Armor Awards St. Isidore School's Jog-a-thon
Feast of our Mother of Perpetual Help Refurbishment of Memorial to the Unborn 2nd Annual San Lorenzo Feast Day
Year 2010
KofC Fireworks Fr. Bong's Farewell Reception August KofC, Farewell Brian Richard School Archives KofC Annual BBQ KofC Installation of Officers First Communicants St. Francis Animal Blessings
Farewell Potluck for Fr. Walsh June 27, 2016 Father Michael's Farewell Party Mothers Day Breakfast Brunch Bishop Quinn Hall Dedication & Dinner First Communion &
KofC Fireworks KofC Annual Crab Feed LavaLava Island VBS K of C Fireworks Parish Reflection Day Life Chain
Fr. Avaram World Youth & Poland Pilgrimage Creation of St. Isidore Plaza Easter Sunday
Egg Hunt
Simbang Gabi Walk for Life 2008 CCD Photo Album Sanctity of Life Events KofC Fireworks SCUBA VBS Way of the Cross-Passion Portrayal Parish Hall Groundbreaking Ceremony
October 1, Fr. Avram's Installation as Pastor 2015 Youth Ministry Rummage Sale Fundraiser Catechist Dinner Event Pastor Appreciation Dinner Seminarian Support Award St. Isidore School Carnival CANA Aniversario - 11th Anniversary Church Beautification Project Jubilee Receptions Disciples in Mission Small Faith-Sharing Groups Memorial to the Unborn
St. Lorenzo's Feast Day Celebration

2015 St. San Lorenzo's Feast Day

Typhoon Relief Efforts Video for Pastor's Appreciation Dinner Cana Anaversario - 11th Anniversary First Communion Disciples on the Journey Goodbye Jim & Barbara Collins Good-bye Fr. Bong! Bishop Quinn's Lenten Mission Lay Ministry Faire
Our Lady of Manaog annual celebration Parish Rosary Rally for Our Lady of Fatima Parish Ministry Christmas Potluck Rite of the Elect & Candidates Easter Vigil Mass Walk for Life   KofC Baseball Team Parish Reflection Day KofC BBQ and Scholarship Awards Tree Trimming Fun! KofC/YLI Luau
Farewell Party for Fr. Matt Fr. Michael's first Simbang Gabi Mass Dec 15th Fr. Martin's Goodbye Holy Week Mission for Youth K of C 4th Degree Exemplification   St. Isidore School 8th Grade Project Bishop Quinn Blesses KofC Room Parish Reflection Day Parish Work Day National Prayer Day
2016 Youth Ministry Rummage Sale Fundraiser   Our Lady of Manaoag Walk for Life Special Olympics Presentation Easter Vigil Mass   Walk for Life Celebrating the Eucharist Jubilee Celebration Disciples in Mission Commissioning of Coordinators KofC Scholarships
Year 2014
Year 2011
Shining Armor Award Presentation 21st Annual School Dinner & Auction   Confirmation Priests for Life Visit Disciples in Mission Small Faith-Sharing Groups KofC Annual Crab Feed!  
    Sto. Nino Jan 18th New Missal Third Edition - Released Advent 2011 Rite of the Elect K of C Pancake B'fast and Blood Drive   Easter Vigil Mass Baptisms Youth Convention KofColumbus Annual Crab Feed Celebrant Singers!  
    Rite of the Elect, March 9 Deacon Barry's Ordination   K of C Work Day   Disciples Lenten Small Groups Disciples in Mission Small Groups Knights of Columbus Basketball Contest School Alumni Search  
    Parish Ministries May 17 Fr. Francisco's Farewell Mass   K of C Annual CrabFeed   KofC Blue Mass Palm Sunday Parish Hall Construction History    
    Confirmation Mass & Reception with Bishop Myron Cotta Fr. Francisco's Goodbye Video       Lenten Parish Mission Parish Hall Award      
    Walk for Life around Elise Lake for the unborn babies Bro. Gregory "Red" Domingo's Good Bye Reception       Valentine Seniors      
    RCIA Reception in Parish Hall Memorial Day Mass for Our Nation         KofC Annual Crab Feed      
    Blessing of the palms by Fr. Silva on Palm Sunday Easter Vigil Mass, April 19         KofC Basketball Contest      
    Divine Mercy Mass Celebration West Coast Walk for Life         Parish Work Day      
    Bishop Soto's One Campaign Mass Misa de Gallo - Simbang Gabi                

Fr. Matt's 1st live "Open Mike" presentation in Bishop Quinn's Hall

Christmas Potluck, Nov. 28th                
    Fr. Matt's Installation Reception                  
    Parish Rosary Rally for Our Lady of Fatima                  
    Fr Matt's 2nd Open Mike Event in the Parish Hall                  
    Dec. 1, 2014 Christmas Potluck                  

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