It all started when Hector and Tina Velasco noticed that the majority of the ministry canainternetimagegroups in St. Isidores didn't include children and teenagers. So they decided to form a family group that focused on biblical teachings for matrimonial couples, teenagers and children all at the same moment but in diffrent age groups. They went to our Pastor, then Fr. Joseph E. Bishop who gave them his full consent and support. And are now also fully supported by the Charismatic Movement from the Diocese of Sacramento. The group started on January of 1998 by Hector and Tina Velasco and they led it for 6 years. It was then that they decided to give somebody else the oportunity to lead the group and bring in their own ideas. The current leaders now are Evangelina Medina and Rosy Ochoa.

The topics that are discussed in this group usually come from guest speakers like, Priests, Deacons, and Lay personnel from the Diocesan area. Once or twice a year the group holds events like Spiritual Retreats and Christian musician concerts. The group also works closely with the Charismatic Movement from the Diocese of Sacramento holding events as Spititual Retreats, and Annual Congresses for Married Couples, Teens, and Families.



WHEN? The group gets together every Monday at 7:00pm.
WHERE? The new parish hall.
MORE INFO.? Contact group leaders Salvador y Elisa Vargas at (530)695-8762 or Horacio y Anabella Vasquez at (530)671-9544


In John 2: 1-12, there was a wedding at Cana in Galilee with the mother of Jesus present. Jesus and his disciples had likewise been invited to join in the celebration. His presence and participation at the wedding not only sanctified the marriage but also festive celebrations and togetherness. Jesus recognized the Holy Spirit through Mary, and granted this first miraculous sign--changing the blessed water into wine! What was Jesus trying to do? He was preparing for weddings-- of God with humanity! Jesus comes into our home to sanctify our daily life.

CANA's 11th Aniversary retreat